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What Is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization stands for “search engine optimization.” In easy phrases, search engine optimization means the manner of improving your internet site to increase its visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines like google and yahoo each time people look for:


Products you promote.
Services you offer.
Information on subjects in that you have deep information and/or enjoy.
The better visibility your pages have in seek consequences, the much more likely you are to be located and clicked on. Ultimately, the intention of search engine optimization is to assist attract internet site site visitors who turns into clients, clients or an audience that maintains coming again.


What you’ll research on this guide:

How SEO differs from SEM and PPC
Why search engine marketing is critical
SEO types and specializations
How search engine optimization works
How to analyze search engine optimization
How is search engine marketing exclusive from SEM and PPC?
SEM and PPC are two other not unusual phrases you will read about loads right here on Search Engine Land and hear about in the large search advertising network.


Read directly to analyze extra about each of those phrases and how they’re related to SEO.

SEM stands for seek engine advertising and marketing – or, as it is greater usually recognised, seek advertising.

Search advertising is a form of virtual advertising and marketing. It is an umbrella term for the combination of search engine marketing and PPC activities supposed to pressure visitors through natural seek and paid seek.


Put without a doubt, seek marketing is the method of gaining site visitors and visibility from engines like google through both paid and unpaid efforts.

So how do search engine optimization and SEM vary? Technically they aren’t one of a kind – search engine optimization is simply one-1/2 of SEM:

search engine optimization = riding natural site visitors from search engines.
SEM = driving natural and paid site visitors from search engines like google and yahoo.
Now, that is wherein things get a piece difficult.


Today, many people use SEM interchangeably with PPC (which we’ll communicate about within the subsequent section).

This concept appears to undercut SEO. However, search engine marketing is advertising and marketing, just like PPC is advertising and marketing.

Here’s the excellent manner to reflect onconsideration on SEO and SEM:

Imagine SEM is a coin. Search engine optimization is one side of that coin. PPC is at the flip side.


Search engine optimization vs. PPC
PPC stands for pay-in line with-click – a sort of virtual advertising and marketing in which advertisers are charged each time one of their advertisements receives clicked on.

Basically, advertisers bid on precise keywords or terms that they need their advertisements to appear for within the search engine effects. When a user searches for one of these key phrases or terms, the advertiser’s ad will seem some of the top outcomes.


So once more, if we consider seek advertising and marketing as a coin, search engine marketing and PPC are two facets of the equal coin – search engine marketing is the unpaid facet, PPC is the paid side.

Another key factor: it’s crucial never to think of it as “SEO vs. PPC” (i.E., which one is better) due to the fact these are complementary channels. It’s now not an either-or query – always pick both (so long as your price range permits it).


As we stated before, the phrases SEM and PPC are used within the enterprise interchangeably. However, that isn’t the case right here on Search Engine Land.

Whenever we point out “SEM,” it’ll be due to the fact we’re referring to each SEO (natural search) and PPC (paid seek).


If you’re curious about the records behind how “SEM” came to mean “PPC” on the exclusion of search engine marketing, you may dig deeper into those articles:

How Wikipedia Turned PPC / Paid Search Into SEM
Does SEM = search engine optimization + CPC Still Add Up?
Why is search engine marketing important?
Search engine marketing is a critical advertising channel. First, and primary: natural search delivers fifty three% of all internet site traffic.


That’s one large reason why the worldwide SEO industry is forecast to reach a surprising $122.11 billion through 2028. Search engine marketing drives real commercial enterprise consequences for brands, agencies and companies of all sizes.

Whenever people want to head someplace, do some thing, discover statistics, studies or purchase a product/service – their adventure normally begins with a seek.


But these days, seek is enormously fragmented. Users may additionally seek on traditional internet search engines (e.G., Google, Microsoft Bing), social platforms (e.G., YouTube, TikTok) or store web sites (e.G., Amazon).

In reality, sixty one% of U.S. on line consumers start their product search on Amazon, as compared to forty nine% who start on a seek engine like Google. Also of notice from that same research:


32% start on Walmart.Com.
20% start on YouTube.
19% start on Facebook.
15% begin on Instagram.
Eleven% begin on TikTok.
Trillions of searches are performed every year. Search is frequently the number one supply of visitors for websites, which makes it crucial to be “seek engine pleasant” on any platform wherein humans can search for your logo or commercial enterprise.


What this all manner is that enhancing your visibility, and rating higher in seek outcomes than your competition, can definitely impact your backside line,

search engine optimization is also notably critical due to the fact the search engine outcomes pages (or SERPs) are splendid aggressive – packed with search capabilities (and PPC commercials). SERP features encompass:


Knowledge panels.
Featured snippets.
Top memories (information).
People Also Ask.
Another purpose search engine optimization is vital for brands and groups: in contrast to different advertising and marketing channels, correct search engine marketing work is sustainable. When a paid marketing campaign ends, so does the traffic. Traffic from social media traffic is at fine unreliable – and a fragment of what it once became.


Search engine optimization is the foundation of holistic marketing, where the whole thing your enterprise does topics. Once you recognize what your users want, you may then put into effect that expertise across your:

Campaigns (paid and natural).
Website content.
Social media homes.
Search engine optimization is a channel that drives the traffic you want to obtain key commercial enterprise desires (e.G., conversions, visits, income). It additionally builds agree with – a website that ranks well is commonly seemed as authoritative or truthful, which can be key elements Google desires to praise with higher scores.


Types of SEO
There are 3 types of search engine optimization:

Technical SEO: Optimizing the technical components of a website.
On-web page search engine optimization: Optimizing the content material on a website for users and search engines like google and yahoo.
Off-web page SEO: Creating brand assets (e.G., ​​people, marks, values, vision, slogans, catchphrases, colorations) and doing matters that will ultimately beautify logo cognizance and recognition (i.E., demonstrating and growing its knowledge, authority and trustworthiness) and demand generation.
You keep a hundred% manipulate over content material and technical optimizations. That’s not continually real with off-website online (you may’t manage links from other websites or if systems you rely upon become shutting down or making a main alternate), but the ones sports are nevertheless a key a part of this search engine marketing trinity of fulfillment.


Imagine SEO as a sports activities team. You need each a sturdy offense and protection to win – and you need enthusiasts (a.Okay.A., an audience). Think of technical optimization as your protection, content material optimization as your offense, and stale-web page optimization as methods to attract, have interaction and retain a devoted fanbase.

Technical optimization
Optimizing the technical factors of a internet site is essential and fundamental for search engine optimization success.


It all starts offevolved with architecture – developing a website that can be crawled and listed by way of search engines like google. As Gary Illyes, Google’s developments analyst, once positioned it in a Reddit AMA: “MAKE THAT DAMN SITE CRAWLABLE.”

You want to make it smooth for engines like google to find out and access all of the content material on your pages (i.E., text, images, films). What technical elements count number here: URL shape, navigation, inner linking, and extra.


Experience is likewise a essential detail of technical optimization. Search engines strain the importance of pages that load quickly and provide a good person enjoy. Elements such as Core Web Vitals, cell-friendliness and value, HTTPS, and warding off intrusive interstitials all count number in technical search engine marketing.

Another region of technical optimization is structured information (a.Ok.A., schema). Adding this code to your website can help search engines like google better understand your content material and enhance your appearance within the search consequences.


Plus, net hosting services, CMS (content material management machine) and location protection all play a position in SEO.

Content optimization
In search engine marketing, your content material needs to be optimized for two number one audiences: human beings and search engines. What this means is which you optimize the content material your audience will see (what’s in reality at the web page) as well as what search engines will see (the code).

The intention, usually, is to post helpful, brilliant content. You can do that thru a combination of expertise your target audience’s want and desires, information and guidance furnished with the aid of Google.


When optimizing content material for people, you need to make certain it:

Covers applicable topics with that you have experience or understanding.
Includes key phrases human beings would use to discover the content material.
Is specific or original.
Is nicely-written and free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Is updated, containing correct facts.
Includes multimedia (e.G., photos, motion pictures).
Is better than your SERP competitors.
Is readable – structured to make it clean for humans to understand the facts you’re sharing (think: subheadings, paragraph period, use bolding/italics, ordered/unordered lists, studying degree, and so forth.).
For search engines like google, some key content elements to optimize for are:


Title tags
Meta description
Header tags (H1-H6)
Image alt textual content
Open graph and Twitter Cards metadata
Off-website optimization
There are numerous activities that may not be “SEO” in the strictest sense, but though can align with and help make a contribution circuitously to SEO achievement.


Link building (the technique of acquiring links to a website) is the pastime most associated with off-site SEO. There can be exceptional blessings (e.G., rankings, visitors) from getting a various wide variety of links pointing at your internet site from relevant, authoritative, trusted websites. Link nice beats link quantity – and a huge amount of exceptional links is the purpose.

And how do you get those links? There are a variety of internet site merchandising techniques that synergize with SEO efforts. These include:


Brand building and logo advertising: Techniques designed to enhance recognition and recognition.
PR: Public relations strategies designed to earn editorially-given links.
Content advertising and marketing: Some popular paperwork include creating movies, ebooks, studies research, podcasts (or being a visitor on different podcasts) and visitor posting (or visitor blogging).
Social media advertising and marketing and optimization: Claim your brand’s deal with on any and all applicable platforms, optimize it completely and share relevant content.

Listing control: Claiming, verifying and optimizing the records on any systems where records about your business enterprise or internet site may be listed and found by way of searchers (e.G., directories, assessment sites, wikis).
Ratings and opinions: Getting them, monitoring them and responding to them.
Generally, while speakme about off-website online, you’re speaking about activities that aren’t going to at once impact your capability to rank from a simply technical standpoint.

However, once more, the whole lot your emblem does topics. You need your emblem to be observed everywhere human beings may also look for you. As such, some human beings have tried to rebrand “search engine optimization” to certainly imply “search revel in optimization” or “seek anywhere optimization.”


search engine optimization specialties
Search engine optimization additionally has some subgenres. Each of those forte areas isn’t the same as “ordinary SEO” in its own way, normally requiring additional tactics and supplying distinctive challenges.

Five such search engine marketing specialties consist of:


Ecommerce SEO: Additional search engine optimization elements consist of optimizing class pages, product pages, faceted navigation, inner linking systems, product snap shots, product evaluations, schema and extra.
Enterprise SEO: This is search engine optimization on a big scale. Typically this means coping with a website (or a couple of websites/manufacturers) with 1 million+ pages – or it can be based totally on the size of the enterprise (commonly those making millions or billions in sales in keeping with year). Doing company also usually approach delays looking to get search engine optimization adjustments carried out by using the dev crew, in addition to the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

International search engine optimization: This is international SEO for worldwide businesses – doing search engine optimization for multiregional or multilingual websites – and optimizing for worldwide search engines including Baidu or Naver.
Local search engine marketing: Here, the intention is to optimize websites for visibility in local organic search engine effects through coping with and obtaining critiques and commercial enterprise listings, amongst others.

News SEO: With information, pace is of utmost importance – particularly making sure you get into Google’s index as quick as possible and seem in locations along with Google Discover, Google’s Top Stories and Google News. There’s a want to recognize excellent practices for paywalls, segment pages, information-specific structured statistics, and more.
How does search engine marketing paintings?
If you observed this web page thru Google search, you probably searched Google for [what is seo] or [seo].


This guide is posted on Search Engine Land, an authoritative website with remarkable knowledge on and enjoy within the subject matter of SEO (we’ve been masking all SEO changes, massive and small because 2006).

Originally published in 2010, our “what is search engine optimization” page has earned a whopping 324,203 links.

Put without a doubt, these elements (and others) have helped this manual earn an awesome recognition with serps, which has helped it rank in Position 1 for years. It has accrued alerts that show it’s far authoritative and truthful – and consequently deserves to rank whilst a person searches for SEO.


But permit’s look at search engine optimization extra broadly. As an entire, SEO truely works via a aggregate of:

People: The character or group answerable for doing or making sure that the strategic, tactical and operational search engine marketing paintings is finished.
Processes: The moves taken to make the paintings more efficient.
Technology: The platforms and gear used.
Activities: The quit product, or output.
Many different matters component into how search engine marketing works. What follows is a high-stage study the most important know-how and process factors.


Six vital areas, in aggregate, make search engine marketing paintings:

1. Understanding how search engines work
Simply, if you want humans to locate your commercial enterprise via seek – on any platform – you need to recognize the technical processes in the back of how the engine works – and then ensure you’re imparting all of the proper “signals” to steer that visibility.


When speakme approximately traditional internet search engines like google and yahoo like Google, there are 4 separate levels of seek:

Crawling: Search engines use crawlers to discover pages at the web by way of following links and the use of sitemaps.
Rendering: Search engines generate how the page will look using HTML, JavaScript and CSS records.
Indexing: Search engines examine the content and metadata of the pages it has located and add them to a database (though there’s no assure each web page to your website can be indexed).

Ranking: Complex algorithms study a diffusion of signals to decide whether a page is relevant and of high-sufficient high-quality to show when searchers input a query.
But optimizing for Google seek isn’t like optimizing for search different platforms like YouTube or Amazon.

Let’s take Facebook, for instance, where elements along with engagement (Likes, comments, shares, and so on.) and who humans are linked to matter. Then, on Twitter, alerts like recency, interactions, or the author’s credibility are important.


And similarly complicating things: engines like google have added device gaining knowledge of factors so as to surface content material – making it even more difficult to mention “this” or “that” led to higher or worse overall performance.

2. Researching
Research is a key a part of search engine marketing. Some kinds of research so that it will improve SEO performance consist of:

Audience studies: It’s critical to apprehend your target audience or market. Who are they (i.E., their demographics and psychographics)? What are their ache factors? What questions do they have got that you could solution?

Keyword research: This process allows you pick out and include applicable and treasured seek terms human beings use into your pages – and understand how plenty call for and opposition there is to rank for those key phrases.
Competitor studies: What are your competitors doing? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What styles of content material are they publishing?
Brand/commercial enterprise/purchaser research: What are their desires – and the way can SEO assist them gain the ones goals?
Website research: A style of SEO audits can find possibilities and problems on a internet site which can be stopping achievement in organic search. Some audits to do not forget: technical search engine marketing, content, hyperlink profile and E-E-A-T.

SERP analysis: This will assist you understand the quest reason for a given question (e.G., is it industrial, transactional, informational or navigational) and create content that is much more likely to earn scores or visibility.
3. Planning
An search engine marketing method is your lengthy-term motion plan. You want to set dreams – and a plan for the way you will reach them.

Think of it your SEO approach as a roadmap. The direction you are taking possibly will change and evolve through the years – however the destination should continue to be clear and unchanged.


Your search engine optimization plan can also include things along with:

Setting goals (e.G., OKRs, SMART) and expectations (i.E., timelines/milestones).
Defining and aligning significant KPIs and metrics.
Deciding how projects might be created and implemented (internal, external or a combination).
Coordinating and communicating with inner and external stakeholders.

Choosing and imposing equipment/era.
Hiring, schooling and structuring a crew.
Setting a price range.
Measuring and reporting on effects.
Documenting the approach and method.
4. Creating and implementing
Once all the research is executed, it’s time to turn ideas into motion. That approach:


Creating new content: Advising your content material group on what content desires to be created.
Recommending or imposing modifications or improvements to present pages: This could consist of updating and improving the content material, including internal hyperlinks, incorporating key phrases/subjects/entities, or identifying different methods to optimize it similarly.
Removing vintage, outdated or low-great content: The styles of content that aren’t ranking well, riding converting traffic or supporting you achieve your search engine marketing dreams.
Five. Monitoring and preserving
You want to recognize while something goes wrong or breaks in your internet site. Monitoring is important.


You want to recognize if traffic drops to a important page, pages become sluggish, unresponsive or fall out of the index, your whole website is going offline, hyperlinks destroy, or another range of potential catastrophic problems.

6. Analyzing, assessing and reporting on performance
If you don’t degree search engine marketing, you can’t enhance it. To make information-pushed decisions approximately search engine optimization, you’ll want to apply:


Website analytics: Set up and use gear (at minimum, loose gear which include Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools) to gather performance information.
Tools and systems: There are many “all-in-one” systems (or suites) that offer more than one gear, but you can also choose to apply handiest pick search engine marketing gear to track overall performance on specific duties. Or, if you have the assets and none of the equipment in the marketplace do exactly what you want, you may make your own tools.
After you’ve collected the data, you’ll want to report on development. You can create reports using software or manually.


Performance reporting should tell a tale and be done at meaningful time periods, generally evaluating to preceding file durations (e.G., yr over yr). This will depend on the type of internet site (usually, this could be monthly, quarterly, or some different c language),

search engine optimization is ongoing
search engine marketing by no means ends. Search engines, person conduct and your competitors are always converting. Websites alternate and flow (and damage) through the years. Content gets stale. Your techniques have to enhance and become extra green.


Bottom line: There’s continually some thing you may be monitoring, trying out or improving. Or, as Bruce Clay placed it: search engine marketing will most effective be accomplished when Google stops converting matters and all your competition dies.

How to examine search engine optimization
Now which you apprehend greater about what search engine optimization is and how it works – how are you going to learn greater?

Reading (or, in case you pick, looking or listening to) the modern search engine marketing information, research, great practices and different developments ought to grow to be one in all your ordinary conduct, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. You should also invest in attending at the least one or activities consistent with 12 months.


The expectancies and conduct of searchers are constantly evolving, which means algorithms are continuously converting to keep up. That, in combination with new breakthroughs in generation (appearance no similarly than the explosive upward push of ChatGPT in late 2022 and the surprising addition of generative AI to search outcomes in 2023).

Here are some depended on resources and guidelines that will help you develop as an SEO professional.


Search Engine Land’s search engine optimization resources
Search Engine Land has been masking SEO due to the fact that 2006. In addition to information stories written via our editorial group of workers, Search Engine Land publishes contributed articles from a numerous institution of issue count experts providing helpful search engine marketing suggestions, approaches, traits and analysis.


We’re biased, but we particularly endorse you join up to receive Search Engine Land’s free email e-newsletter featuring a roundup of the modern search engine optimization information, and insights each weekday.

Search Engine Land also has a couple of categories on subjects dedicated to specific areas and systems which you could locate beneficial:


All search engine marketing
Bing SEO
Content SEO
Ecommerce search engine marketing
Enterprise search engine optimization
Google: E-E-A-T
Google algorithm updates
Google Search Console
Google search capabilities
Link building
Local SEO
News search engine marketing
Technical SEO
Search Engine Land’s Guide To search engine marketing
(Editor’s Note: We are currently updating this guide, with the goal of getting the chapters completely updated within the first zone of 2024.)


Search Engine Land’s Guide To search engine marketing walks you thru the basics of optimizing for seek so that you can expand a stable method to force natural visitors for your website.

Our guide explains these elements in extra intensity, and highlights tactical hints from specialists on search engine optimization so one can assist your website get more traffic from organic search.

Chapter 1: Types of Search Engine Success Factors: These are the on- and stale-website online elements that may have an effect on your seek scores. We’ll additionally study niche verticals in search engine marketing and toxic search engine marketing tactics to avoid.

Chapter 2: Content & Search Engine Success Factors: Keep these elements in thoughts to create exceptional content material that search engines and your target audiences will love.
Chapter three: Site Architecture & Search Engine Success Factors: Let’s go behind the scenes and study the factors of your website online that make it clean for serps to get admission to and impact user revel in.
Chapter four: HTML Code & Search Engine Success Factors: HTML tags and structured records assist organize statistics in your website and help search engines like google apprehend your content.

Chapter five: Trust, Authority, Expertise & Search Rankings: How your users interact with your website, as well as its reputation and authority, facilitates serps decide if it’s worth of displaying to users.
Chapter 6: Link Building & Ranking In Search Engines: Why backlinks are nonetheless vital and what they tell search engines like google approximately your content material.

Chapter 7: Personalization & Search Engine Rankings: These are the user-precise factors, along with vicinity and purpose, that could have an effect on the outcomes users see.
Chapter eight: Toxins & Search Engine Spam Penalties: Beware of SEO “shortcuts.” Getting caught using these methods can doubtlessly bring about a guide action penalty or maybe get your web site delisted from the hunt index.

Chapter nine: Emerging Verticals in Search: Voice, neighborhood, photo and video search represent new approaches for users to locate what they’re searching out. While they every offer nuanced possibilities for manufacturers, they’re nonetheless based at the fundamental standards of search engine marketing.
Google’s search engine optimization resources
Google Search Essentials: In this manual, Google discusses technical requirements, unsolicited mail regulations and key high-quality practices.
SEO starter manual: An evaluation of SEO basics, in keeping with Google’s excellent practices.

Search fine evaluator guidelines: This file explains how Google instructs human raters to assess the exceptional of its search results via examining the revel in, understanding, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of content and websites.
Developing your SEO talents
One of the nice methods to study search engine optimization is to test. Hands-on enjoy is one of the absolute exceptional methods to strengthen your abilities and deepen your search engine optimization expertise.


Build your very own web sites – and make them about subjects you’re passionate about. Try out diverse methods and techniques. See what works and what doesn’t.

Search engine marketing calls for many different abilties. Dig deeper into a number of those in thirteen vital search engine optimization capabilities you need to be triumphant.

Another way to enhance your career is by way of attending a search conference. The Search Engine Land group applications the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) convention series, which has a committed search engine optimization music that dives into numerous components of search engine optimization and capabilities a few outstanding speakers and presentations. SMX Advanced takes vicinity in June and SMX Next in November.


Beyond that, there are numerous other options (free and paid) to examine search engine marketing:

Websites, blogs and guides.
Books and ebooks.
Conferences, occasions and meetups.
Training and certification applications.
Groups (e.G., social media, Slack).
Following professionals on social media.
Just be careful. While there are numerous reliable assets, you (or your clients) will discover some outdated or incorrect search engine optimization information at some point.


Bottom line: there are not any “typical” truths or a few massive mystery to search engine marketing. The reality is, you have to positioned within the work in all the levels of search engine marketing to develop your visibility, clicks, traffic, authority, conversions, income and sales.

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