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Has ChatGPT secretly introduced its Search product?

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OpenAI didn’t release its much-rumored ChatGPT Search product closing week. Or did it?

Has OpenAI quietly launched an early version of ChatGPT Search, as a part of the GPT-4o rollout?

ChatGPT (the free 4o model) now tells you the websites it’s far looking to provide its AI-generated answers and crawls and summarizes webpages. And the websites it lists aren’t hallucinations.
OpenAI and Microsoft are companions. So based totally on this screenshot, OpenAI is possibly using retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to rewrite the question and search on bing.Com to discover web sites.

But recall – OpenAI also released a web crawler, GPTBot, in August.

Side be aware: If you blocked ChatGPT and other AI businesses over content material theft concerns, you can need to reconsider that.
Dig deeper. Should you block ChatGPT’s internet browser plugin from getting access to your website?

Answers and assets. ChatGPT’s solution revel in is a great deal better – specially the outstanding linking to sources – than what Google is now doing with its lately released AI Overviews. In this screenshot, ChatGPT cites 9to5Google and Search Engine Land multiple times:


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