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Ex-Googler: “Stone cold panic” fuels Google’s AI initiatives

That’s in line with a LinkedIn publish by using Scott Jenson, a former Google employee of more than 15 years who left his position as a component-time senior UX fashion designer closing month.

Why we care. Google is rapidly losing the believe of customers, SEOs, advertisers, manufacturers and content creators in its relentless AI push – despite the fact that AI is virtually not but able to deliver on its capacity. While we need to always be skeptical about remarks from former employees, more than one people leaving Google currently have told a comparable tale – confirming what a lot of us have suspected from the outside. Google has misplaced its way and is chasing income on the rate of product (Search).

Stone bloodless panic. Jenson believes AI has value, but not the inducement riding it at Google. He wrote on LinkedIn:

“The ‘AI Projects’ I was running on had been poorly encouraged and pushed with the aid of this senseless panic that as long because it had ‘AI’ in it, it would be fantastic. This myopia is NOT something driven via a user want. It is a stone bloodless panic that they’re getting left at the back of.”
“The imaginative and prescient is that there could be a Tony Stark like Jarvis assistant on your cellphone that locks you into their environment so difficult which you’ll in no way depart. That vision is pure catnip. The worry is that they can’t find the money for to let someone else get there first.”

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